• Along a seventy-mile stretch of Mexico's Pacific shore, four towns include seemingly every stripe of simpatico beach getaway. Surfing, ecotourism, hippie chic, and luxe family all coexist—and, blessedly, without any crowds.

    Condé Nast Traveller
  • Huatulco's appeal comes not just from its location on the shores of the Pacific, but also from its weather. The area boasts 320 to 340 days of sunshine a year and an annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 F).

  • Huatulco attracts its visitors with nine bays, 36 beaches and an average year-round temperature of about 80 degrees. By offering bird-watching, coffee plantation tours, live music and Oaxacan cuisine, it is becoming a haven for those seeking a diverse yet relaxing experience.

    Seattle Post
  • Trip Advisor Honors Huatulco with the #6 position on its 2010 List of Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in the World.

  • Huatulco stretches 22 miles along nine bays between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. It lies about 300 miles east of Acapulo, but there are no bunched-up high-rise hotel strips to mar the scenery, just soft sands, clear ocean, striking cliffs and dense forest.

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/// Huatulco Property Management Services

/// Why choose Palm Properties

First and foremost, Palm Properties offers clients peace of mind.

We want you to RELAX and ENJOY your vacation home while you are here, and to feel at ease when you leave. With close to 10 years of experience managing property in Huatulco, we understand your needs as well as the unique and extensive needs of each property we manage.

Our Property Management team takes care of everything from training your staff right down to the smallest detail like what kind of fertilizer is best for your plants. All of the everyday worries and unforeseen problems associated with a second home can be greatly simplified by letting us do what we're good at, while you do what you came to do – VACATION!

Often time's clients come from outside of Mexico; therefore having a real estate team who is fluent in both English and Spanish is crucial for navigating a foreign market.

Our Start to Finish Approach

Palm Properties is a full service real estate company that guides clients through every step of the purchasing, selling, and owning process. At Palm Properties we offer the perfect combination of experience, professionalism, dedication, and care to ensure clients receive the highest quality service in the industry.

Contact Us To Discuss Managing Your Property


      Our Property Management Services include:

  • Bill Payments – utilities, taxes
  • Weekly Property Visits
  • Providing employees with necessary training and guidelines to most comprehensively handle and perform tasks at hand
  • Overseeing payroll and social security for employees
  • Propose budgets for operating costs
  • Home Repair & Improvement quotes and supervision
  • Guest check-in / Check – Out with property orientation
  • Monthly accounting with owner report and property status updates
  • Staffing and Employee Training Management of staff
  • Acquire, supplement, and maintain inventory of all necessary products needed for gardens and pool
  • Apply and respect all house rules stipulated by property owner for staff and guests

/// Client Testimonials

I remember three years ago being in a panicked state.

With 10 items on my 'to do list' unresolved and my plane ride home leaving in 2 hours. You came to my apartment quickly and assured me that everything would be taken care of by Palm Properties, and it was (from supervising a carpentry project, to activating the cable TV, getting the laundry cleaned, buying household items, watering plants, arranging for fumigating, etc.).

You were like a guardian angel. On another occasion, I called you to tell you that I had absentmindedly left a piece of expensive audio equipment in the back of the cab that I took from the airport. To my astonishment, on the next morning, the lost piece of equipment was delivered by cab to my condo. It's great to have you around.

John Piazza, Sueno del Mar, Huatulco.

Congratulations, Valerie & Arianna, on launching your new Website for Palm Properties Mexico.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you both for the trustful guidance and professional services that you have provided us during the past years.

Purchasing, decorating and maintaining a home in Mexico would be difficult enough if we were regularly onsite, but given that we spend a lot of time away from Huatulco we certainly could not have done this without you.

You have taken care of us, our property and our renters like members of the family and that is MUCH appreciated.

Matt Rosenblum, Casa Hoffa

Treated Like Royalty!

When we first moved into our dream condo in Huatulco, life rapidly deteriorated into a nightmare of details that demanded constant attention. What fun is that? So we asked Palm Properties if they had an anxiety-reduction service. With their usual good humor they produced the perfect plan for us. Now we forward any vexing or incomprehensible messages to them and can spend our time relishing our little bit of paradise.

When there are taxes to be paid, cleaning people to be hired, a handyman to be found, repairs to be done, lost deliveries to be traced, tables to be rented for a party, or any of the myriad tasks of everyday life, we just call our Palm Properties administrator.

When we leave Huatulco for the summer, we know that our administrator is on top of closing our condo, keeping everything in good working order, and preparing for our return. Palm Properties makes us feel like pampered royalty in our Huatulco home.

Marcia and Jan Chaiken